How Much Money Do BetterHelp Therapists Make?

As many industries have been pushed into doing due to the ever-changing state of the world, the therapy industry has been pressured to evolve. Licensed counselors can now choose to do all of their work in a fully remote, online setting. Online therapy is a relatively new field, but the opportunity for growth is incredibly enticing. Before you decide to make the jump there, however, there are a few things you need to think about first. In the best-case scenario, you would find a company with opportunity for upward expansion, flexibility, and the pay to back it up. Read on to know what companies give you the best chance of success.

The Top Contenders

Because the practice is so new, online therapists might have a difficult time separating the good companies from the bad at first. To save you countless hours of research, two of the most successful competitors in the market are BetterHelp and TalkSpace. They bring in thousands of new clients combined each year, giving you increased opportunities to showcase your skills. But which company really gives you the best chance of success?

Let’s start with the similarities of the two companies. Both BetterHelp and TalkSpace offer incredible ease of access to their therapists. They make it easy to switch therapists at any time as well, so you’ll need to be successful in order to maintain a consistent client base. Their remote nature allows for increased flexibility as far as scheduling is concerned, removing the need for patients to meet with counselors in a specific location. 

They also allow for several mediums to maintain contact with your clients. When you practice online therapy, you have the option of doing your sessions via video conference, phone call, or even text and email messaging. This allows you to maintain contact with your clients on a much more regular basis, increasing your chances for the best results. 

Those therapists with a more specific field of study will find that they’ll be able to keep it when working for an online therapy company. For example, BetterHelp has several sister websites such as ReGain and TeenCounseling that allow you to work with specific populations of people. Of course, you’ll need to have some background in said niches in order to be able to perform them effectively online. As far as similarities go, this is about where that ends. There are a lot of stark differences between BetterHelp and TalkSpace that can largely influence your decision.

The Big Differences

The two top companies may have similar flexibility, but the difference between working at BetterHelp and its competitors revolves around just how much of it they offer . A majority of online therapy companies have a required minimum number of clients to maintain in order to secure your employment. At BetterHelp, this is not the case at all; they believe that schedules and availability are subject to constant change. BetterHelp can act as your primary source of income, or it can simply be a supplement to other work that you are currently doing. 

BetterHelp also differs from its competitors in the way that they choose to compensate their employees. Rather than use a more traditional hourly rate, BetterHelp pays its employees on an engagement-based compensation model. This means there are a variety of ways to communicate with your clients besides the mediums listed previously. You can also communicate with them through exercises such as worksheets or journal entries. In order to find the most success on the platform, you will need to regularly communicate with your clients utilizing the mediums presented to you. The two keys to growing your caseload and income are constantly bringing in new clients and providing great service to them.

Track Your Estimated Pay

If you’re looking for more of a rough estimate as to how much you’ll make a year, BetterHelp offers an income calculator that will show you roughly how much you’ll bring in on the platform. If you want to access this for yourself, click here. To ensure the highest chance of success in the world of online therapy, you’ll need to think carefully about which company has the greatest potential to meet your needs.

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