The Benefits of Greek Yogurt

If you are trying to eat better, one food that is worth trying is Greek yogurt. In this post, we will look at what it is and how it can benefit you.

First, What is it?

What is Greek yogurt, anyway? Is it just yogurt from Greece? Not at all. It’s also known as strained yogurt, which involves removing lactose, water, and minerals. The yogurt that’s left is creamy and it contains less sugar. Because of that, it has this tart taste.

Now, let’s explain why it’s good.

It’s a Nutritional Powerhouse

Looking for a food that’s packed with nutrients? You can’t go wrong with Greek yogurt. This food contains over 12 grams of protein a serving, which is one of the building blocks of life.

Besides protein, it contains probiotics, or good bacteria. This bacteria can improve immunity and make digestion easier. Also, probiotics may benefit you mentally as well.

Another thing Greek yogurt contains is calcium. If you are looking for a food that can keep your bones strong, calcium is there for you.

Not to mention, Greek yogurt has potassium, which can help you if you are eating a high sodium diet.

It’s a Good Mixer

Greek yogurt is versatile. If you eat it on its own, you may not be too impressed. However, you can mix it with many different foods that can make your experience better. For example, blueberries, granola, a bit of dark chocolate, the list goes on.

You can also use it as a substitute for cream cheeses, mayo, or other foods that have less of a value.

It’s great for any meal of the day. Another way it can benefit you is that it’s an add-on to smoothies, which are great if you are trying to lose the pounds. Just add it to anything you have, and you will be surprised with how good it tastes.

Good for Fitness

Greek yogurt is excellent for fitness, too. When you have a workout, you can use Greek yogurt to recover from it due to the protein that it has.

Not to mention, it’s relatively low in calories. Each serving is about 100, and it contains iodine, which can help improve your thyroid and boost your metabolism.

If you have a hard time losing weight, you may not be getting enough iodine in your body, so consider adding some Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt’s thick texture, along with its high protein count, can also help you when you are having issues with staying full. You will feel fuller for longer when you have Greek yogurt, which can benefit you immensely. Calorie counting is a vital part of staying fit, after all.


Greek yogurt prices can vary, but you can typically buy a 32 oz container for a fair price. Because of this, it tends to be cheaper than some other health foods. If you are into fitness, it’s cheaper than most protein supplements.

Diagnosis is Key

While Greek yogurt is good for your body and mind, it won’t fix mental health problems. A good diet can help with some symptoms, but not all of them. Not only that, but you do need to eliminate the root cause.

If you’ve felt depressed, anxious, or you feel off but do not know what the issue is, it’s time for you to get a diagnosis.

Mind Diagnostics can help by diagnosing your issues and then giving you help from a licensed therapist.

Please visit if you have any concerns about your mental health. Chances are, you can find a therapist who can treat you.

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