A Song Of Compassion Against Gun Violence With A Complex And Surprising Story Arch

Alex Genadinik, a new but noteworthy singer-songwriter released a mind-blowing song about one of the most important topics today – gun violence and mass shootings.

You wouldn’t think of love or compassion to be a part of a song about mass shootings, but this is exactly what happens in the song. Instead of politicizing the issue of guns and mass shootings, Alex’s poetry takes a different perspective. It extends a hand to the mass shooter, tries to understand him as a human being, and examines what caused him to act this way and how things could be different.

By the end of the song, the shooter reverses course and changes his mind, and we are all there to support him. To see how this happens, you will have to listen to the song as we don’t want to give away the story or the total ending.

Alex Genadinik says “It took many months to write the 20+ lines in this song because the story is very rich and complex. There is a shooting, a love story, passion, looking into human loneliness, forgiveness, and much more – all in just a little over 20 lines of poetry. I’ve written full books in the past, and they took a much shorter time to write than these 20 lines of poetry because the subject matter is so complex and sensitive.»

Here´s the song in Spotify:


About Alex Genadinik’s music

Alex is a singer-songwriter who emphasizes strong poetry in his music. He was born in Ukraine and influenced by poets like Pushking, Vysotsky, and Okudzhava. He grew up in the United States and was further influenced by singer songwriters like Dylan and Neil Young. He likes to think of his music as a blend of two cultures. Also is also a bestselling author and an entrepreneur. In addition to his courses, licensing, books, and coaching, he runs a novelty t-shirt company.

Sobre el autor

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