Oh Michelangelo – A Beautiful Love Song Released In Time For Valentine’s Day

Alex Genadinik, a NYC-based singer-songwriter released a most beautiful and romantic love song just in time for Valentine’s Day.


This song is very imaginative and features beautiful lyrics. It compares the famous painting by Michaelangelo of God and David with the tenderness of a lover’s touch. The song is really the protagonist singing about love to his beloved using imagery from the famous painting and applying it to his love.

We especially love the line “I’ll paint Sisteen chapels along your back” when the protagonist describes how he’ll caress his beloved. This is just one line in the song, but it’s unique, imaginative, romantic, and beautiful. If you play this to your love on Valentine’s Day, it will surely make them swoon. 

Another line we like is the last line of the song “I’ll find words to express that make you feel as though they were a caress.” It’s so nice to be able to tell your partner things that make them feel amazing. It’s pretty imagery and a beautiful metaphor.

Alex Genadinik says “I am really excited about this song. Before I wrote it, I didn’t know if I’d be able to combine such different ideas seamlessly in one song. But every time I read the lyrics, I really love the imagery. It’s exactly as I had wished it came out before I set out to write it.»

You can here him on Spotify:

About Alex Genadinik’s music

Alex is a singer-songwriter who emphasizes strong poetry in his music. He was born in Ukraine and influenced by poets like Pushking, Vysotsky, and Okudzhava. He grew up in the United States and was further influenced by singer songwriters like Dylan and Neil Young. He likes to think of his music as a blend of two cultures. Also is also a bestselling author and an entrepreneur. In addition to his courses, licensing, books, and coaching, he runs a funny t-shirts company.

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