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Metal: What is the best delay pedal in the market right now? If you are having that question, read Kevin’s review of the best delay pedals and you will have the answer.

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Delay pedals are considered a must have item for the majority of guitarists. As you might already know, analog delay pedals have been so popular since the late 1960’s when it was introduced. On the other hand, digital delay pedals are benefiting from the advancement of technology as well as modern ways to produce great sound. This article will provide Kevin’s review of the best delay pedals of all time for you.

#1: Boss DD-7

There is probably no surprise to you that BOSS is one of the most reliable manufacturers when it comes to effects pedals. This company constantly offers innovative development. Their new DD-7 is probably the best product that simulates the DM-2 and DM-3. Not only does the Boss DD-7 offer analog mode which pays tribute to previous model features, it also sports a fresh modulation delay mode which adds colorful chorus effects to the delay.


This delay pedal has all the best features rolled into one/ Amazon.com

The delay times of the Boss DD-7 has expanded up to 6.4 seconds which is longer than other pedals. In addition to that, its hold mode also enables users to record up to 40 seconds. If you are a fan of this brand, you might know that their DD-5 model can function with tap tempo via an external pedal but this feature was removed on the DD-6. Luckily, it is back with the Boss DD-7 delay pedal.

The stereo output function has added to the advantages of the Boss DD-7 digital delay guitar effect pedal because it creates separate dry and wet signal paths and also enables superb spatial sweeps with the stereo panning. Kevin recommends this digital delay pedal because it has all the best features rolled into one.

#2: Donner Multi

This digital delay pedal from Donner has been raising their reputation. It offers 7 modes of delay effects and 3 function controls. The three function controls include Time to set the delay period, Mix for control over the dry/wet level, and control the amount of feedback. This delay pedal also has the LED indicator.


This Donner Multi has the LED indicator/ Amazon.com

While Digital mode takes a single clean signal and repeats it until it changes into a different form, Analog and Tape delay add a various amount of decay to the signal. And the Sweep emulates auto-wah vibes. Also, the Modulation mode is a lovely filter which adds a layer of the chorus on each of the repeats. 

Aside from that, LoFi is one of the less traditional sounds this delay pedal offers. It is an example of the more extreme effect you can achieve as it produces an 8-bit synthetic delay effect. Last but not least, the Reverse mode reverses the delay for another cool effect. This guitar effect pedal is in the list of Kevin’s review of the best delay pedals because it offers a great extension on traditional delay effects for an entry level budget. The housing and circuitry are well fabricated as well.

#3: TC Electronic Flashback Mini

The TC Electronic Flashback Mini is a mono delay pedal with a wide range of effects and is also a wonderful compact version of the fantastic Flashback original. With the 3 streamlined functions on this smaller model, you can sculpt your sound easily.


This delay pedal has a wide range of effects/ Amazon.com

The original model offered a diverse set of delay sounds, and this model features TonePrint compatibility, just like all the best TC Electronics pedals from the innovative Danish creators, which gives users access to a proprietary software editor. On the software, the variation and parameters open up endless adjustment capabilities. Users can select from saved setting and fine tune each to your heart’s content. You can also get unrestricted access to ping-pong, some authentic analog delay sounds, or slap back bucket brigade.

Aside from that, the TC Electronic Flashback Mini digital delay pedal also has built-in Tap-Tempo function, hold switch and play the tempo. We recommend this one mainly because of the TonePrint software which enables extra functionality and gives users access to a truly high end pedal. This TC Electronic Flashback Mini can be the best mini digital delay pedal with affordable price.

#4: Electro Harmonix Canyon

Not only does this Electro Harmonix Canyon digital delay pedal offer pristine modern sounding delays, but it also reproduces tape-delay warm warbles. Aside from that, it provides modulated octaves and delay reverse ability. The Electro Harmonix Canyon has a tap-tempo feature and users can control it on board or via external means. Also, it can work as fully featured a looper pedal. When you perform, it can add dynamic layering for 3-dimensional sound.


This is one of the best delay pedals in the market/ Amazon.com

 The Electro Harmonix Canyon digital delay pedal beautifully emulates the flavors of the guitar effects pedal that made Electro-Harmonix a reputable name. It also has a mode selector which allows you to choose between 9 delay settings, a sample and hold function, or a looper pedal. Kevin loves this Electro Harmonix Canyon digital delay pedal because it delivers an exceptional range of echo enhancement features. Aside from that, it lets you layer 3-dimensional spatial soundscapes.

#5: Boss DD-20 Giga Delay

As we mentioned above, BOSS is considered to be the pedal experts. So of course you have to expect there are more than one of its delay pedals on this list. Another quality option from this brand is the DD-20 Giga Delay. It is a twin delay pedal unit with a custom LCD back-lit screen. However, because of the high end features and functions, it is not that easy to use this guitar effects pedal. This is not suitable for beginners or entry level unless you are particularly savvy. Luckily the manual is pretty detailed and you can master the mighty BOSS delay tones if you pay attention.


This delay pedal has high end features and functions/ Amazon.com

This Boss digital delay pedal features a straightforward looper pedal. Along with it, there are ten different delay styles including a few unusual ones like Warp. Another notable feature is the sound on sound, which gives luxurious layering. In addition to that, the new smooth and twist modes offer subtle and radical effects. You will also find all favorable Delay tones along with experimental echo options in this pedal. The sounds are unbelievable and uncompromising. 

Moreover, for instant recall, you can store up to four of your favorite settings on board. Users can set delay time with the knob or via tap tempo (up to 23 seconds). Also, the modes can be adjusted. If you have looked for the best delay pedal to buy, you might already see it because it is one of the most popular pedals on the market, even the best dual-channel digital delay.

In conclusion, to find the best delay pedal is not easy, especially if you are a beginner and you don’t have a huge knowledge about this device. Not only because there are a lot of brands in the market with different types, but also you have to understand your needs. With Kevin’s review of the best delay pedals, hopefully you will not be very confused when it comes to choosing the right delay pedal. For more information about musical instrument, please visit our website: https://musicalstudy.com. You can find everything from buying guide for musical gears as well as review for each products to instructions, tips and tricks on learning and using musical gears.

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