Reduce Home Shifting Stress with The Power of Music

One of life’s most stressful events is moving house, relationship break-ups, and losing a loved one. Whether or not one’s experience is true, moving can be stressful. We all like familiarity, routine, and order. You don’t have those when you’re moving. You’ll also see ripple effects throughout your life.

Looking for apartments for rent in Arvada CO isn’t just about changing your place; you’re moving into a new neighborhood, finding new schools for your kids, switching commutes to work, and finding new GPs and dentists. Moves can trigger anxiety, OCD, and depression because of the lack of order, uncertainty, and upheaval.

Try listening to music when overwhelming stress and anxiety lead to a downward spiral. The music has the ability to turn your mood instantly, affecting your subconscious mind, where annoying negative thoughts feed on your fears and increase your stress levels. A quick-acting, inexpensive solution you can almost always find is to listen to music. Music can help you manage stress and create more joy in your life in five ways.

  1. Let music rise you up

Think of the sunrise every morning as the sudden switch-on of a floodlight, or imagine the day starting with a sonic boom. The morning news, a soda commercial, or a harsh alarm may seem like that when you wake up to a clock radio blaring. Take a moment to be kinder to yourself. Start your day with a song that makes you feel good, like a sunrise or a lover’s touch. With a smartphone, it is easy to set the alarm for songs.

  1. Singing your favorite song

Singing can be a great stress reliever and joy booster. It helps regulate your breathing and heart rate, reducing anxiety, increasing oxygenation of your cells, and releasing feel-good neurochemicals.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a good singer or not. There is no need to perform or put yourself in another stressful situation. Your voice deserves to be heard through song, so just let go and let it out. Take a shower, sing in the car, sing with your children, or hum a lullaby before you sleep.

Playing and singing music are two of the best ways to release home-shifting stress, amplify the moment, and revitalize your brain and body.

  1. Reprogram with Music

There’s a negativity bias in our brains. Because the prehistoric person was primarily concerned with survival and self-preservation, our brains have more neurons for responding to and processing negative stuff. Our subconscious and conscious minds tend to reinforce negativity by holding onto it longer and repeating it more often, creating anxiety and fear.

For this reason, feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety can make it difficult to break free of that downward spiral. Music can help us relax, even though it takes more effort to trigger that part of our brain. Creating new and stronger positive thought patterns is important to break repeating negative thoughts that fuel stress. We repeat positive affirmations, think more self-assuring thoughts, or chant mantras—to rewire our brains.

  1. Traffic jam while moving

The time doesn’t pass slower when you are stressed, nor does the traffic move faster when you are stressed. Take advantage of your car’s secluded environment to practice shifting your mood through music rather than catching up on bad news or stressing out over work calls.

Ensure your car has your favorite music, set your radio to your favorite DJ, or have your Power Playlists handy. In addition to exploring new music during your commute, those long, slow drives are also great times to discover new music.

The positive effects will multiply when you sing about your traffic jams. When alone in your car, you can let your voice sing out without worrying that anyone will hear or judge you. If you share the ride, join your fellow passengers as you explore ways to pass the time and get to know one another through music. To do this, you may agree to play some relaxing background music behind your morning conversations, share your favorite songs and artists, or find a song that all of you enjoy and sing along to.

Use music to de-stress, groove, and lift your spirits by redefining the meaning of ‘traffic jam.’ You may see other stress-out drivers look blankly at your car as it rocks to the beat, and its driver emulates unmitigated joy.

  1. Lie back and listen to music

Try making music part of your evening unwinding ritual rather than watching the evening news, scrolling through social media, or watching Netflix. Play a few of your favorite tunes while you put all connections to the outside world on hold. In this instance, the music will work instead of Active Listening. Lie down with earphones and an eye pillow if there are too many distractions in your home. Let go of your thoughts, day, and stress as you allow the sound to move through you. Slip into the healing world of sound and ease your transition from the challenging world outside.

Final thoughts

In addition to listening to music to relieve stress, you can save time and money by removing old, unwanted, and unnecessary items before your move! You can reduce the amount of stuff you have to move by donating, recycling, or throwing away things you don’t need. You will need a removal team for fewer hours if you have less stuff and a smaller van.

It’s simple to save money on your move by not transporting things you will only throw away after you move. Music has incredible power to remove stress from your brain and calm your nerves. You can list your favorite band and use headphones to listen to them. It will make you feel relaxed and you can even pack along in a good mood.

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