Cisco Launched Primary CCNA Security Certification in April

When network security becomes a basic common sense rather than professional knowledge, Cisco will launch a brand new CCNA Security Certification in April in order to strengthen the basic network Certification, CCNA’s understanding of network security.

Cisco Primary Certification in Routers and Switches, Cisco CCNA[acquistabile online] is one of the basic certification for all network workers. However, since Cisco officially launched the new version of CCNA Certification in November 2007, Cisco has made some changes in professional certification. In addition to introducing a more primary certification CCENT than CCNA, Cisco will announce in April that it will launch the basic Cisco Network Security Certification, CCNA Security on the basis of network security.

As the general manager of SPOTO, the highest training partner of Cisco Asia Pacific, Huiqing Huang said that Cisco has integrated many companies and technologies in recent years. In order to integrate these high-level technologies more professionally, Cisco has also carried out planned technology integration and promotion in relevant certification. In addition to announcing the new CCNA Security Certification in April, Cisco also plans to launch CCNA Voice Certification in July. CCNA Wireless is also planned to be promoted in the future. Huiqing Huang said: «from Cisco’s certification promotion program, we can also find that Cisco is planning to integrate and promote various high-level technologies step by step.»

At present, Cisco has launched CCSP of Medium-level Profession and CCIE Security of Expert in network security certification. Zhihao Lian, Cisco Certification lecturer of SPOTO, said that CCNA Security mainly implements the network security concept of CCSP into basic network certification. CCNA Security is divided into six security modules including introduction to network security criteria, peripheral security and network security setting by using Cisco IOS Firewall.

Zhihao Lian said that CCNA Security is divided into six modules. In the original textbook, these six modules are six chapters to introduce Cisco related information security knowledge and basic requirements. However, there are great differences in the middle-level CCSP. Zhihao Lian pointed out that in the original textbook of CCNA Security, there is one special book for each of the six modules, which also includes the security related knowledge and settings of all Cisco products.

Expert CCIE Security not only includes the courses and contents of CCNA Security and CCSP, but also includes the knowledge of relevant network security and products that enterprises need to know. Zhihao Lian pointed out that the teaching materials of CCSP have been fully incorporated into the relevant security settings and cognition on Cisco products, while CCIE Security provides more detailed and practical learning on the basis of CCSP. Huiqing Huang said: «because CCIE Security covers a wider and deeper scope, the total number of IT who have obtained CCIE Security Certification in Taiwan is no more than 50.»

Cisco is expected to promote Instructor Course Training for different regions before announcing CCNA Security Certification Exam in April. Huiqing Huang said that the training in Asia in April was the last stop of Cisco’s curriculum training, which also means that when Cisco announced the launch of the new certification examination, the relevant teaching materials and teachers have been fully planned.

For the new Cisco CCNA Security Certification Exam, Huiqing Huang said: «in the test, you must pass CCENT before you can apply for the CCNA Security Certification Exam.» Zhihao Lian added. «Compared with passing the CCSP Network Security Certification Exam, you must choose five subjects for six modules. CCNA Security only needs one subject.»

At present, all Cisco Certification Exams must be registered and tested through VUE, including 45 to 60 single and check-in questions. Zhihao Lian pointed out that as far as we know, the test content of CCNA Security includes not only the set question types, but also simulated laboratory questions. There will be a scenario simulation setting, requiring candidates to complete the setting of relevant network security. Huiqing Huang pointed out: «at present, Asia is expected to launch VUE related question banks in May, and all courses and teacher training can be completed on time and successfully launched in May.» The code of CCNA Security Exam should be 640-805, which has not been officially announced yet! Whether CCSP must pass CCNA Security Certification Exam has not been determined!

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