8 of the Best Car Accessories for Women Over 45

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If you’re a woman in your 40s or 50s that drives, sprucing up your car and making it something comfortable and stylish for you is always a great idea. There are so many car accessories on the market these days, so you’re not limited on options. 

We’ve come up with a list of the top eight best car accessories for women over 45 to try today. 

Seat Buckle Guard

Seat buckles can get irritating as they dig into your shoulder while you drive. Luckily, there’s a solution for that, and it doesn’t have to be ugly. 

Seat buckle guards are comfortable fabric straps that can be added on top of the seat belt where it meets your shoulder. This stops it from rubbing into your skin or leaving marks. You can choose a cover in any color or pattern to match the rest of your car’s aesthetic. 

Menopause Survival Kit 

For many women at this age, menopause is a real issue. The symptoms can strike at any moment, leaving you feeling hot, sweaty, and upset. If this sounds like you, a menopause survival kit is something you’ll want to keep in your car at all times. 

Here’s what to add to it: 

  • A cooling towel for your neck while you drive
  • Chocolates or your favorite candy for when you get a craving
  • Pads for unexpected leakage or short periods
  • Migraine medication 
  • Snacks 

If you want to learn about some more ways to deal with menopause, you can also check out this super helpful advice column from BetterHelp, the leading provider of online mental health care, here: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/menopause/

Portable Car Phone Charger

Everyone has a smartphone these days, so being able to charge your phone on the go is essential. You can find car phone chargers at most gas stations and major store outlets. You can either plug it into the cigarette lighter or into a USB or outlet if your car has one. 

All you have to do now is bring your charging cable and your phone and plug it in while you’re driving. Depending on your car’s electricity output, it can even charge as quickly as in your home. If you work as a delivery driver or Uber driver, this is also an essential item to have with you, so you can work as long as possible. 

Seat Covers

Seat covers are a purely aesthetic choice, but they’re super cute. You can get them in any color, fabric, and shade. You simply place them over your car seats, changing the color and appearance. Make sure you choose the right size, as some regular-sized seat covers won’t fit in larger cars like SUVs and vans. 

Family Bumper Stickers

There are tons of variations of the family bumper sticker these days, so you can get one that matches your personality. If you like Star Wars, you can have a little family of Stormtroopers. Or, if you like Doctor Who, your family can look like your favorite characters from the series.

Even if you’re not into any fandom or pop culture, there are cute options out there. Some even allow you to add pets to the family sticker. Add you, your spouse, your kids, and your pets for a full look! 

License Plate Frame

If you want to spruce up the outside of your car even further, try a license plate frame. These cute frames can be screwed over your license plate to spruce it up a little bit, even if it’s not personalized. 

You can find glitter frames, frames with words, and frames repping your favorite college sports team. Try it out! 

Steering Wheel Cover

One of our favorite car accessories for older women is a steering wheel cover. It’s not only aesthetic, but it can also keep your hands warm on freezing days and protect your hands from being scolded on hot days. 

Some covers provide extra grips to ensure you don’t slip while driving. What’s even better is that you can get fluffy steering wheel covers, covers with designs, and leather covers. It’s all up to you. Choose whatever matches the style of your car overall. 

Scent Infuser 

A scent infuser is a must-have for women who like their car to smell good. You can buy them in packs of two or three at most stores and attach them to the air vents in your car. When the AC is on, it’ll blow air through the scent infuser, which will give your car a lovely smell. 

Now, whenever you drive, your car will smell like whatever scent you picked! You can choose from berry/fruity scents to more musky/woody scents, depending on what you like. 

It’s better than a regular disposable air freshener which loses scent pretty quickly after a few days of using it. 

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